Maria Skóra

is Senior Project Manager at Das Progressive Zentrum. She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and a Ph.D. in economics. She formerly worked for the Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform, Berlin, and supported the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions in Warsaw as an expert. At Das Progressive Zentrum, Maria is in charge of international programs, with a focus on CEE and transatlantic relations. She was Visiting Fellow in the American-German Situation Room, a program run by the German Marshall Fund of the United States and AISGS at John Hopkins University in Washington DC, early in 2019. She has coordinated “New Urban Progress”, a joint transatlantic program of Das Progressive Zentrum, Alfted-Herrhausen-Gesellschaft and Progressive Policy Institute as of September 2019. She is also actively involved in the Progressive Governance event series.