Olga Bertelsen

is Associate Professor of Global Security and Intelligence at Tiffin University’s School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences (Homeland Security & Terrorism Program). Educated at the Medical State University (Ukraine), Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (United States), Penn State University (United States), and the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), she has published widely on Soviet/Russian operations of ideological subversion, political violence in the USSR, and the methods and traditions of the Soviet/Russian secret police. She is the author of The House of Writers in Ukraine, the 1930s: Conceived, Lived, Perceived (2013), and the editor of three anthologies of archival KGB documents (2011; 2016), and two collections of scholarly essays entitled Revolution and War in Contemporary Ukraine (2017) and Russian Active Measures (2021). Her new book In the Labyrinth of the KGB (Lexington Books, 2022) focuses on KGB covert operations targeting Ukraine’s intelligentsia and the Ukrainian and Jewish diasporas.